Saturday, December 15, 2007

long post.....

1. My hair 2 weeks ago
2. My hair last weekend
3. My current hair........
side view

Which do you prefer??? 1, 2, 3???

My cute brother, sister in law and nephew!! :)

Me and my hot cousin, Con!!! :) LOVE YOU GIRL!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Jared and Gavin- Gavins 9 months foto :)
Just me and my brothers when we were young :) I am putting together a suprise for my dad with these fotos and then individual ones of us now a days :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

my 25th birthday

Yesterday I went shopping at JCPenny and spent at least $125 on Dockers brand, of which I bought shirts for Jair, so that I could get a FREE round trip ticket....(probably to Chicago....and then over to INDIANA!!!!!!!!) Here I am wearing one of the shirts I got Jair (not Dockers) to show him....cause it has PINK in it!!! :) He said he would wear it, just for me!! ;) hehehehhe AWWWW the things boyfriends will do for their girlfriends!! :) I am excited to see him wear it in September :)

WOW! I can't believe I turned 25 yesterday. It seems kinda crazy....I CAN'T be 25 already.....

I always wanted sooo many things in life by 25 and honestly....not many of them have come true....but you know what??? Thats ok! I have come to realize that God has a time and place for EVERYTHING.......the things I wanted by 25 may not be the things God wanted me to accomplish by I am ok with that. I KNOW He has amazing things in store for my future, and I need to be humble and open for what He has planned for the HERE and NOW!!! God is good....alllllllll the time!! :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

long time no post :)

Gavin in the whale floaty I got him...he's already almost too tal for the tale
"shade." But he enjoyed it anyway. Jared and Gavin in the pool. Gavin's driving the whale. :)
Jared and Josh bbqing......aren't they cute! :)
He's a big boy!!!! Isn't he a handsome lil man.
My dad and Gavin. Look at those blue eyes :)
Mom, striking a pose by the pool ;)
Boyd clan
Gavin loves his stars.
" cheese"

Myself after getting ready for my friends wedding! Can you see the nose bling ;) hehehe
Hopefully more to that I remember my name and password ;)