Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Im soooooooooo excited to be going "home" to California. I NEED this time away....but wish my hubby could be with me :(  I can't wait to have my freedom back and be able to go wherever I want when I want!! :)  Just like now...I was ready to go to the gym at 10, but just received a call that my ride wont be here till 3 now....I hate going in the afternoon.....but when I have to rely on others, guess I go when they have time....not when I have time....

Being away from Jair is soooooooo hard. It was a blessing yesterday to not receive his phone call at 9 am saying he made it to the other city by plane, but to receive HIM cause his flight was cancelled until the night. One more day together, THANK YOU LORD! God blesses us so much! I am so lucky. But.....saying goodbye 2 times in one day was soo difficult for me. I cried like a baby last night and couldn't stop. It felt like our dating times again when we only say eachother 1 or 2 times a year. The departures were rough....OH how I hope I can become used to this one day....Until now, I will just cry like a baby!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Honeymoon to Paris

Guess its better late than never, right??? :)  Here are a few fotos of our honeymoon to Paris in August.
Us on the plane to PARIS

We landed!!! WAHOOOO

In front of our amazing hotel

Waiting at the sub station

me waiting for the train
We are in line to go up the tower!! Long wait, but worth it.

My dream came true!! :) (thanks baby I <3 you)
We went to a lot of yummy restaraunts

I love this one!! BEAUTIFUL day

At another yummy restaraunt close to our hotel. He bought me 2 roses! <3
We walked alot and saw many beautiful buildings etc (but I didn't want to bore everyone with buildings...)

Jair also took me to DISNEY PARIS!!! Soo much fun with him, but cold n windy too.

Princess Castle

Happiest Places

Our last night at our favorite restaraunt (we ate there about 3-4 times cause we LOVED these salads we are eating and the french green beans)

At the top of a building looking at the Eiffel Tower alllll lit up. Gorgeous but FREEZING

I couldn't get a good foto of it....but here's the best I could do

At the bottom of the really tall building on our last night in Paris!!! AMAZING time and I will never forget our honeymoon. Jair wanted my dream to come true and it did. We can't wait to go again!!!!