Sunday, October 26, 2008

Promise Ring

Jair gave me this beautiful 18 K White Gold w Topaz ring at the airport right before he left.....:'( He didn't want to propose in the airport, so he just gave it to me! It was a long, fun week of going to SF, Pleasanton, Malls, movies, restaraunts, and jewlry stores!! :) He wanted to ask permission from my dad, but didn't get the chance until 30 min before we left. So he GOT the permission from my dad to marry me, but probably won't propose until Jan when he returns!! I much for it being a suprise, but thats ok! I still don't know when or where!! ;)~ God is good! When we rely on him and are patient...OUR time will come! Our Prince charming will come and sweep us off our feet. Thank you, Father, for showing me that waiting on you is the best thing to do! I love you and can't wait to see how you use me and bless me! I can't wait for the day to become Mrs. Shanelle Lynette Boyd Vieira Morais (or maybe something a little shorter......)
Love you Father!
Love you friends and family!!
More updates to come in the next couple of months!!!! ;)