Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Going home for Christmas

I can't believe our time is here....

The last few weeks have felt like f o r e v e r. It honestly feels like Jair has been gone for a month or more. I truly hate these times he is gone, but we are soo blessed by his job and he loves it so that makes me happy.

Tonight around midnight we head for the airport and at 3am leave for Brasilia. PRAYING Jair can change his tickets to come to Belém first and then Brasiia cause i have no idea how Nanci and I would get my two large, heavy, packed full suitcases down 3 levels with no elevator :/ But I know God is in control and everything will work out!!! Then tomorrow night we will be in Birmingham, Alabama!!!!! Yeahhh. Not sure if we will like the cold, but we are SUPER excited to spend some time with David, Renata and Sofia. Friday Renata is having a Christmas party so I'm hoping to help Renata cook, clean and take care of Sofia :) I miss that girl sooo much. Kids are my passion and I miss them all greatly.....

Then Dec 14 we head to Cali and David, Renata and Sofia head for Brasil :) SUPER excited to be spending Christmas with MY family this year. I have been in Brasil the last two times. It's going to be fun cause I haven't celebrated a Christmas with Cora ever and now Josh n I are also married, so we will all be together!!! :) Christmas in Brasil has been nice the last few years. Thankful for a HOT Christmas and so fun to experience different starting Christmas celebrations and the big dinner on Christmas eve, Talk about hard to stay awake lol It's been fun, but I am ready to be with my family. :) Who knows how many more times we will all be able to be together, so taking this opportunity to be filled with joy!! :)

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