Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lots of changes in 2013

I can't believe January 2013 is already almost over....CRAZY how fast time goes as I get older. I always heard adults say this, but until I became and adult I never truly understood.

Along with 2013 comes ALOT of new, fun, exciting, scary, sad, hard times ahead. Some days I am EXTREMLY excited to see where God leads us and other days I tend to fall into the stress. We have been working since June/July last year on getting Jairs green card. Prayerfully we worked on the paper work and process on our own. I am SOOOO glad God gave me someone like Jair. When we read what the National Visa Center asked of us, I understood one thing and he understood another and we talked it out and worked it out and went with our gut feeling. With Gods grace we DID IT!!! We finished all of our work at the begining of January and recently received our interview date for March 21st!!! We are excited but then feel like everything is happening SOOOO fast. BUT, we both know things in Brasil can go totally opposite as we expect or the rest of our process could take a long time....We have NO IDEA what Jair's work will say when he asks for his transfer and after that how long the paper work for that will take.

Though we are EXTREMLY happy to see how God is leading and we are excited to finally get to be on our own and have our own freedoms, with that also comes saddness with saying "good-bye" or "see you later" to those we have come to love and know here in Belém and Brasil. Most all of Jairs mom n dads side of that family is here in Belém and although we aren't extremly close to them, it will be hard to say goodbye. Our dear and God-sent American Missionary friends and their kids are what I am going to miss TERRIBLY. We have come along side them and tried to be of any help we could while we were here. They are incredible people, amazing Christians, and such fun and loving friends. I have adopted their kids as my nieces n nephews!! LOVE THEM!!! Also my friends I have met at church, the gym and anywhere I can make a friend will be hard to leave. I have enjoyed getting to know them all and see their smiles, go to pizza, have bible studies with, and just invest quality time in them all. God has trully blessed us for the 2 1/2 years we have been here, but we know and are ready to begin a NEW life in a NEW place with a NEW outlook on life!!

If you think of us, please join us in praying for our future. We are trying to be patient and enjoy EACH moment we have here. We are taking one day at a time and sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other and following Gods will. Oh how blessed we are to be in HIS will....His GOOD and PERFECT will!!

                                                         BRING IT ON 2013!!!!!!!!



I am so excited to hear what God has in store for you two!
Keep following his will..even though it sometimes isn't what we may *think* we want, it is always BEST.
(i.e.- staying in INDIANA:)
Love you NA!

Aunt Nell said...

Thanks Connie! Not sure what, where, when etc....but so glad God does. Just trying to live each day with a purpose. Love n miss you guys.....and everyone really?? :/ Wish my family/relatives were better at keeping in touch...really sucks....Anyway. Playing for your BIG TRIP tomorrow. Gods going to bless you beyond what you expect!! <3